I am working to make the 22nd Assembly District a better place to live and work. During my short time in the Assembly, I have achieved many accomplishments and with your support I intend to make many more accomplishments. Here are just a few accomplishments that I have achieved:

1.) Putting more money in your pocket.

• Lowered property taxes by $1.5 billion over the next 3 years in the form of rebate checks to homeowners.

• Supported $350.00 rebate checks for middle-class families with children.

2.) Making New York more business friendly to grow more jobs.

• Cut energy taxes on businesses and consumers by $600 million over next 3 years.

• Eliminated manufacturers' income tax.

• Cut property taxes by twenty percent for manufacturers.

• Reduced the business tax rate to its lowest level since 1968, helping to lure more out-of-state companies to New York.

• Created tax-free zones for businesses through START-UP NY.

3.) Giving our children a brighter future.

• Increased school aid by more than $1 billion to enhance our schools while reducing the burden on taxpayers.

• Reformed Common Core to address parents' concerns and alleviate stress on students and teachers.

• Expanded access to affordable child care to help parents balance their lifestyles.

4.) Combating drug distribution and drug abuse.

• Increased access to treatment programs to combat illegal and prescription drug addiction.

• Increased penalties to prevent the distribution of illegal drugs.