Job Creation & Economic Development

My top legislative priority has been getting Nassau County residents back to work. During my first term in the Assembly, I have helped to create incentives for the private sector to create jobs. We're already seeing our efforts pay off with new jobs being created in New York, including Nassau County. More work needs to be done, and I am ready to do it. I stand committed to doing what it takes to help revive our economy and maintain economic development.

Tax Relief

New York is among the highest taxed states in the nation and this will continue unless we halt our ever-increasing state tax rate. Instead of paying the government more money with each budget cycle, corporations and small businesses could use that money instead to provide salaries and benefits to their workers and new hires. Freezing taxes and giving businesses the break they need to recover from this tough economy is they key to achieving tax relief.


As a graduate of the public school system, education is extremely important to me. We need a strong educational system that will allow our students to excel in the arts and sciences. New York families want better quality education, lower education costs, and more after school programs for our children. During my time in the Assembly, I have worked with many schools in the district to better understand their needs. I will continue to work closely with our schools to help increase parental involvement to make sure they obtain the support they deserve. Finally, I will continue to work to reduce student/teacher ratios and promote excellence in our schools.

Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention

During my tenure in the Assembly, I fought to speed up our criminal justice system and to make it more effective, efficient, and fair. I firmly supported measures to fight fraud, corruption, and the abuse of our elderly. I helped to restore funding for domestic violence programs and drug enforcement. I recognize the effectiveness of organized programs in combating the evils of drugs in our community and I will work to expand programs in the district. Most importantly, I will continue to work closely with local officials to provide funding to police to protect our streets from crime.