Michaelle was born in Elmont, New York. Michaelle recalls both of her parents working hard to earn a living. Michaelle's father is a retired New York City Police Officer and Army veteran. On the day of Michaelle's high school graduation, her father said something to her that would become the benchmark for her life:

"Work hard, be honest, and always give back to society. Never stop pursuing your goals."

Michaelle graduated from Hofstra University's School of Education Health and Human Services. After graduation, Michaelle remained at Hofstra as a supervisor of access services at the University's Axinn Library. In that capacity, Michaelle was able to pursue a career in the field of library science. Her love and admiration for education and intellectual enlightenment were broadened by her experience at the University's Axinn Library.

Michaelle has spent her whole life in the district and is committed to enhancing the future of the district. Her main priority is to grow the economy and bring good paying jobs to Nassau County. Michaelle wants to make the district a better and safer place for our families to live.

Michaelle is best known for her progressive views and agenda. She believes the best thing that she can do as an Assemblywoman is to work hard and serve the public. Michaelle devotes her full time to her position in the Assembly because she advocates every day for the residents of her district.